Attention is the key; for where man’s attention goes,there goes his energy and he himself can only follow.

Saint Germain

I suspect that positive thinking isn’t properly appreciated because people aren’t aware of the specific, tangible benefits that flow from positive thinking. Many mistakenly believe that positive thinking only create fuzzy feelings of well being and not much else. They will concede that these feelings might be nice but in the real world we need no-nonsense strategies that provide concrete, specific, measurable results. If you pooh-pooh positive thinking consider the following:

  • Positive thinkers have a higher level of energy. This allows them to lead a fuller life and accomplish more, which makes them feel good. That reinforces their optimistic view of life
  • Positive thinking leads to a healthier life. Many books and studies have documented the mind/body connection and the harmful impact that negative thinking and stress can have on your immune system.
  • There is a greater likelihood that good things will happen to you when you are in positive frame of mind. Most good action and sensible risk-taking occurs when you are in a positive mood. Negative thinking reduces the possibility of action, because you are focused on the possible negative consequences and are blinded to the possibilities of life
  • Like attracts like. Positive thinking, upbeat, confident people attract similar people into their lives. They attract the kind of people whose motto for living is “let’s do it” or “let’s make it happen” or “let’s take a chance; let’s do something new and different” or “let’s have fun.” Negative people attract those who feel more comfortable saying, “That will never work,” or “You better not take a chance,” or “We are not good enough to do that,” or “What will other people think? We better play it safe.”

Pessimists create unnecessary suffering. Optimists maximize the joy of living.


About Riley Harrison

Likes to write (books- Are You Stuck? (is life passing you by), Getting Unstuck & Dare To Date), loves to travel and is married to a wonderful woman (Kathleen Baxter)
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  1. I subscribe to the school of ‘rational optimism’. I agree that positive thinking is one of the most constructive tools you can have in life but I also think that an unreasonable or ‘Pollyanna’ optimism can also lead to undesirable outcomes.

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