The greatest goal in life is not the attainment of fame. The principle thing in this world is to keep one’s soul aloft.

Gustave Flaubert

We are all creative geniuses. As children we are spontaneous, highly imaginative and creative. Children sometimes have “make believe” friends. Kids don’t need expensive toys; they know that a plain cardboard box is really a castle. They understand some minor remodeling might be required such as creating windows by punching holes in the box. All kids know that a good castle requires windows.

When I was a kid growing up in South Carolina, nobody ever bought me a kite. Flying things in the air is fun, so I had to improvise. I used to catch large June bugs and bumble bees, attach thread to them and “fly” them. In retrospect, I think it was a breakthrough in kite technology; I never had to wait for a windy day.

As we grow up, we lose our innocence, spontaneity and creativity. We cease to trust our instincts as to what will bring us joy. We begin to march to the beat of other peoples’ drums. We no longer do what is right for us; we become warped by societal expectations, misguided parental guidance and other external influences. Over the years, we begin to forget who we really are and lose touch with what brings us happiness and joy. Our creativity becomes buried and suppressed. It’s no longer reflected in our work or daily living. You need to know that it’s still there. You are still a creative genius. The question is how to get in touch with your creativity. Some us of just have to dig a little deeper than others do to find it.

We often define creativity too narrowly, thinking of it as being the exclusive domain of the artist, writer, painter, sculptor, etc. Creativity can manifest itself in all walks of life by a whole variety of people engaged in all kinds of activities. To me, creativity is just growing and realizing more of your untapped potential in a way that makes your life work better. It could be problem solving at work, creating more intimacy in relationships, better parenting solutions or other ways to make your life or job more fun and joyful.

Creativity is a mindset, a skill that can permeate all areas of your life.

We underestimate the power of creativity to enhance and improve our lives. If you nurture creativity in one part of your life, you’ll soon discover that creativity begins to flourish in other areas of your life. Studies show that creative people possess many positive qualities:

  • Getting along better with others
  • Better planning and problem resolution skills
  • Greater enjoyment of life
  • Seeing and understanding better the big picture

All our lives we have been gathering information through our 5 senses and storing the memories. Think of your mind as a huge data bank with all this data carefully filed. The conscious mind has access to about 1% on this mental database and the subconscious has access to the rest. If we can learn ways to access all the data we possess (e.g., questioning the status quo, brainstorming, certain forms of meditation, the use of affirmations, communing with nature, stream of consciousness journaling techniques, visualizations exercises, etc.), our creativity will soar. Creative people have more faith and trust in their gut instincts, hunches and intuition. They knowingly or unknowingly use strategies that routinely access all parts of their mind.


About Riley Harrison

Likes to write (books- Are You Stuck? (is life passing you by), Getting Unstuck & Dare To Date), loves to travel and is married to a wonderful woman (Kathleen Baxter)
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