You have to have fun! Otherwise life is like one long dental appointment.

Debbie Fields

One of my favorite stories is about a woman waiting to board a plane at the airport. She had bought some chocolate chip cookies and decided she needed something to drink. She got up, leaving her luggage and cookies, and went for coffee. When she returned, she discovered a rather seedy looking gentleman seated next to her possessions and eating chocolate chip cookies. She was really upset. “The nerve of this bum,” she thought. She angrily reached into the bag and grabbed a cookie. The old man smiled and reached into the bag and also retrieved a cookie. This went on until there was only one cookie left. The old man retrieved the final cookie broke it in half and offered half to the young lady. She was absolutely furious at the unmitigated gall of this old geezer. She boarded the plane, still visibly upset, sat down and reached into her carry-on bag for a magazine and discovered a bag of unopened cookies. The old man was sharing his cookies, not hers! We now see the cast of characters in a different light.

You never know all there is to know about a situation. Being open to the possibility of additional information will make you less judgmental, less rigid, and allows an easier shifting of perspectives. Intransigent people are stuck. Being stuck doesn’t allow growth.


About Riley Harrison

Likes to write (books- Are You Stuck? (is life passing you by), Getting Unstuck & Dare To Date), loves to travel and is married to a wonderful woman (Kathleen Baxter)
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